Club Initiatives

‘….. I’ve got wonderful experiences, thanks to my judo family members! I really appreciate you guys!’
So Haishima
English plus judo student from February to August 2019

UWA Schools2Dojo Program

The Schools2Dojo program classes are held after school, either on school grounds or at a nearby location. Students are encouraged to further their judo experience at our UWA dojo.

The Schools2Dojo program was launched with the emphasis on students having fun and enjoying healthy exercise. The program aims to teach good basic judo skills in a safe and fun environment, develop physical fitness, agility and teach essential life values such as discipline, self- control, respect for your counterparts and rules.

UWA Judo Club is currently looking for new schools to partner our Schools2Dojo program. The program has run at Cottesloe, Nedlands, Subiaco, Woodlands and St Thomas Primary Schools, in addition to Shenton and Scotch College over the past 10 years.

International Exchange

Judo is a wonderful vehicle for international student exchange.

The UWA Judo Club has near 30 years of international judo exchanges. This gives our members the opportunity to travel and further develop their judo skills and education, whilst giving overseas judoka the opportunity to practice judo and English at the UWA Judo Club.

Over the years we have hosted exchanges with a number of high-profile Japanese judo dojos. These include Kokushikan, Tsukuba, Keio and Konan Universities plus Komozawa & Kokushikan University High School. These exchanges have bought many high profile coaches to our club including Okada Sensei, Iwabuchi Sensei, Kashiwazaki Sensei and great judoka including Kensuke Gunji, Ryutaro Goto and Sae Nakazawa, to name a few.


English plus Judo Program

This program was established to encourage international students who practice judo and study English or a degree overseas, to come and do both at UWA.

The UWA dojo is conveniently located on the same campus at The UWA Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT). Along with evening judo practices, UWA Judo Club runs judo day classes catering for CELT and UWA students already on campus for course work.

Students can practice their new English skills at judo and find a sense of community and belonging through the club.

International Coach in Residence

This visionary program has been running at the UWA Judo Club since 2012. It was originally developed in line with the club’s strategic goal of having a UWA Judo Club athlete competing at the Olympic games and was supported by Kokushikan University Judo. In 2016 this goal was realised with Darcina Manuel representing the club in the -57kg women’s division at the Rio Olympics.

The program has been so successful that it has continued beyond its projected term. Over the last 12 years, the club has recruited significant high-quality coaches such as Yudai Iwabuchi, Taketoshi Sekine and Genta Mikami of Kokushikan University in Japan, in addition to -100kg Korean international and world number 1 ranked player in 2005 and 2006, Kwang-Sun Yoo.

Kwang finished his term with our club in October 2019, passing the reins to our current head coach Kouta Nagamura of Sendai University. 

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