International Visits

UWA Judo Club has a long history of international Judo exchange.

Frank Brockman has recently returned to Germany after spending several years studying in Perth and training at UWA Judo Club. Frank spent two years practising Judo at the club while studying physio therapy in Perth.

Wakiyama Sensei from Internatioanl Budo University, Chiba, Japan, coach at the Indian Rim University Games.

South Africa: Several South African Universities have visited Perth to compete in the Indian Rim Championships

Sven Loll: Sven German Olympic Silver Medalist has been the guest instructor at UWA Judo Club on several occasions. We are looking forward to Svens next visit!

Komazawa High School and University: For the past 20 years UWA Judo Club has been engaged in judo exchange with Komazawa High School and University in Tokyo, Japan. Over the 20 years we have hosted and been hosted by Komazawa numerous times. Judoka from UWA Judo Club have lived and trained in Tokyo, billeted by Komazawa

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